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Travertine Tiles



Travertine floor tiles have become very popular due to their unique beauty. Many consider Travertine to be a luxury flooring item. Colour variations and patterns depend on which mineral and impurities are found in any given section of Travertine. Consumers will find that virtually no two Travertine tiles will look the same.  Travertine  is a natural stone product that is somewhat porous and will  require sealing.Do you want to make a bold statement in your home, without breaking a budget? Then Travertine tiles are the solution you have been looking for. Tiles made out of Travertine are significantly less expensive than those made out of granite or marble, while at the same time being remarkably similar in appearance (especially when polished). It is this fact that makes it a popular choice among homeowners today. Travertine tiles are also available in a variety of colour and finishes, making it a favourite home décor option for the discerning homeowner.

Not only do Travertine tiles create a classical visual effect, it is also a practical choice for decorating your home. This is mainly because, unlike porcelain tiles, Travertine tiles are produced from a natural source, making it is much easier to find a replacement tile that looks similar to your installed tiles if one of your tiles happen to break with time.

If you want to add a natural and rustic look to your home, or a sophisticated and polished look, Travertine tiles would be a suitable option for you




Travertine Size (610×610), and Size  (406×406).





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