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Wood Lookalike Tiles




Wood Lookalike  Tiles Size (150×900), Size (600×600), Size (800×800),  Size (242×490),  Size (330×490),  Size (150×600) Size (300×300)and Size (1200×200)



These Tiles Look Exactly Like The Real Thing.


They say that seeing is believing – but to convince yourself these wonderful ceramic wood lookalike tiles are not the real thing – you actually have to touch them.


Ceramic tile technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years so that now the latest generation of wood lookalikes are devastatingly realistic… you may even find yourself taking care not to get a splinter.


These fabulous products are taking over from the real thing – both inside and out.


Designers are discovering their hard-wearing resilience and attractive looks make them ideal for interior flooring and the new range of look-alike wooden decking is a hit with garden enthusiasts.


One of the biggest advantages of wood lookalikes is their outstanding ability to resist wear. 


If they are correctly fitted, they will look as good in the years ahead as they did the day were new.


Whereas real wood needs constant attention and extra care to avoid disfiguring scratches and scrapes, ceramic tile will stand up to anything normal use can throw at it.


A water spillage which could ruin a wood floor can simply be wiped away.


 The colour, the texture and the feel of wood are uncannily reproduced in full bodied porcelain, with an amazing amount of attention to detail – including saw marks on the surface.




 Wood lookalike Tiles.

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