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Full Bodied Porcelain Tiles

 Full Bodied Porcelain (Salt and Pepper) Size (300×300) & Size (600×600) is also available.

Through-Coloured Vs. Through-Body Tile- What does this mean?




“Through-body tile” is commonly a misused term. There are many tile products available that are confused as being “through-body” when in actuality, the product is just a through-coloured tile. The following article highlights the differences between through-coloured and through-body tiles.


Manufacturers add pigments to the tile mixture prior to glazing to ensure that the body of the tile will match the color of the glaze surface. Because of this extra step in the manufacturing process, if the tile surface is chipped, the colour of the body beneath the chip will closely resemble the colour of the glazing, thus making the chip less noticeable.


Unglazed tile is porcelain tile with no surface glaze. It is derived from clay, sand and other natural minerals that are shaped into tile and fired at a very high temperature. The result is an extremely dense product with a density so high that water absorption is less than .5%. This product has the same composition throughout the entire “body” of the tile thus bearing its name “through-body”. It is a product that is manufactured in one whole piece without a surface glaze or finish. The color pigments are consistent throughout the tile body.

A benefit of installing a through body tile is its highest abrasion resistance. This is due to the fact that the complete body of the tile is the wear layer, which means it exhibits the same properties throughout the entire thickness of the tile. This type of product is best used in heavy traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and other commercial applications. Because it is freeze/thaw resistant as well, it is suitable for exterior usage as well such as an outdoor patio, porch, or walkway.


While a true though-body tile is one of the most durable floor materials in the tile world, using this product can be overkill in many cases. Most residential areas do not need a through-body tile. This product will best benefit heavy traffic areas as well as exterior applications.


A glazed through-coloured tile will best benefit residential areas in which heavy objects could be dropped on the tile surface, such as a kitchen floor.


  Full Bodied Porcelain Tiles Size (300×300), and Size (600×600).



Size  (600×600)



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