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Pvc/Aluminium Edging/Brass/Stainless Steel Edge trim/Movement Joints/Stair Nosing


The M.Trim range of profiles is used for tiled, carpet, laminate, vinyl, wood and screed flooring and tiled walls. Every M.Trim profile has been carefully and professionally designed and manufactured to international standards. The majority of M.Trim profiles are available on CAD drawings for specifications. Kirk continually interact with the professionals – architects, engineers, interior designers, quantity surveyors and contractors to ensure we manufacture and provide the best possible profiles with the best possible service delivery.

The M.Trim range includes PVC, Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel profiles as well as Movement Joints and Structural Movement Joints and Covers.


The M•Trim Round Edge Trim features a quadrant face designed to protect from impact, the edges of wall tiles on external corners. PVC Round Edge Trims give corners a straight and perfectly rounded decorative finish, and are good for 3 dimensional alignment. The Round Edge Trims speed up installation by eliminating time consuming mitring and improve the tile finish by covering sharp edges. M•Trim has a popular range of trim depths. Available in all the PVC colours as indicated on the colour chart, foils available in PRE090 only as indicated on colour chart.


The M•Trim Concave Edge Trim can be used to cover uneven edges between tiled wall and floor corners or between wall and wall internal corners or between tiled wall and kitchen/bathroom surfaces (horizontal surfaces). When used in conjunction with silicone the concave edge trim seals the surface, provided there is no movement experienced. The silicone is placed on the inside of the trim between the tile and trim and between the underside of the concave trim and the surface that it rests on. The concave M•Trim is available in all PVC colours as indicated on the colour chart.

The M•Trim Aluminium Straight Edge Trim is used to protect and decorate the edges of tiled floor and wall surfaces. It can be used with other floor materials and applications, such as carpet and wood. M•Trim Aluminium Straight edge trims are available in a range of depths and in anodized colours as indicated on the colour chart. Also available in the brass section of the catalogue.

M•Trim Aluminium Straight Edge Trim 3mm and 6mm is used to protect the edge of carpets, vinyls or screeds. If you get 5mm tiles, the 6mm aluminium straight edge can be used. As the trend is tiles are getting thicker, it is mainly used against stick down carpet. It can be used against any type of floor material. Available in the anodized colours.


The M•Trim Aluminium Tile-In Corner Beading is used on columns to protect the biscuit of the tile and for aesthetic reasons on the corner of the columns.



Item Code Description SIZE (width x width) Length Finish
    R 0    
ATICB100 Aluminium Tile-In Corner Beading (8-9mm thick tiles) 10mm x 10mm 2,5m N
ATICB120 Aluminium Tile-In Corner Beading (10-11mm thick tiles.) 12mm x 12mm 2,5m N


M•Trim Aluminium Tile-in Corner Protector is fitted with 8 to 9mm tiles on walls and columns. The size of the corner protector is 30mm x 30mm. It protects external corners of walls and columns against trolleys and general wear and tear. The Aluminium Tile-in corner protector is used for decorative purposes as well as protection. Available in the anodised colours on the colour chart. Also available in stainless steel.



Item Code Description SIZE (Width x Depth) Length Finish
    R 0    
ATICP100 Aluminium Tile-in Corner Protector (8-9mm thick tile) 30mm x 10mm 2.5m N  


30 mm ALUMINIUM CAPPING STRIP (Dividing Strip) + Base

M•Trim Aluminium Capping Strip with a 30mm wide cover can be used as a dividing strip between same level flooring types, protecting the edges of the different floor surfaces as well as acting as a movement joint cover allowing for the movement in laminate/ wood floors. The extra width of the capping strip allows for larger movement sometimes experienced in the wood/laminate flooring.

The Aluminium Capping Strip should preferably be fitted into the aluminium cover base. However can be fitted as a Retro-fit for refurbishments with the appropriate flexible adhesive. Available in all the anodised colours as indicated on the colour chart. The alumimium capping strip is also formable, creating curves with the Z-Flex Curver, allowing designers freedom to design curves in floor layouts.

M•Trim Aluminium Capping Strip Base is used as the base to fit the 30mm wide capping strip. The Aluminium Capping Strip Base allows for different thickness floors from 7mm to 16mm. The Aluminium Capping Strip Base is also available as a formable base to fit the curved 30mm wide capping strip.

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