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Tile edging provides a decorative and neat  finish to your tiled area, and will enhance the look  and finish of any room and  home. Tiles 4 All offer a wide range of edging profiles with  many colours to select from.

Anatomy of a Trim Profile

In general, trim profiles for ceramic and stone tile applications feature two primary elements. The first is a perforated anchoring leg, which allows the profile to become an integral component of the tile assembly. Thin-set mortar is combed over the substrate and the profile is fully embedded. Additional mortar is combed over the profile and the tile is installed. The perforations in the anchoring leg allow the thin-set mortar bond coat to mechanically lock the profile in place and support the tile. The second primary element of the trim profile is the “body,” which forms the visible surface of the profile and finishes and protects the tile. These two elements together help maintain the integrity of the installation where the profile is used. Thus, it is important when using trim profiles to select products that are specifically designed for ceramic and porcelain tile applications.


 PVC Edging/Bath Seals, Concave/Tile Protectors/Tile Ramps/Beading available in a Variety of  Colours and Sizes



Aluminium Edge Trims Straight & Round/Formable/Tile Ramps etc.


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