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Metro Tiles/Subway Tiles


Metro Tiles: (Also known as Subway Tiles).

Available in a variety of colours, textures and finishes  in sizes (152 x 75) =88 tiles per m2, and size (100×300) size (75×300)  & size (100×200) =50 tiles per m2

Metro tiles are extremely popular these days and for good reason. They are relatively cheap, easy to install and can be used almost anywhere with good effect. One of the favourite places are behind stoves in the kitchen which serves as a splash back.


Metro tiles are ceramic tiles, they are thin so they cannot be used as floor tiles.


Metro tiles are available in two shapes, bevelled and flat. The most popular are the bevelled types because they create depth. The flat metro tiles are often used in bathrooms and braai areas as splash backs. Both flat and bevelled metro tiles are available in black or white.


metro tile splashback
A black bevelled metro tile used as splash back in a modern kitchen


Ceramic tiles have a couple of advantages when used as a splash back, be it in the kitchen or bathroom (even around the braai area). They are glazed, which means fat, grease, oil or any other ingredient will not penetrate the top surface of the tile and cause staining. The top glazed layer is baked so it is extremely hard and will not scratch. Staining and scratching are two of the main problems found on other materials like stainless steel and crystal glass (not really a problem with toughened solid glass splash backs, but it can scratch and you cannot get it out without industrial polishers).


How many tiles do you need.


metro tile splashback bevelled white
The white bevelled metro tile used as a splash back in a modern kitchen wit stunning effect. A dark grout is used to emphasize the shape of the metro tile and the bevelled edge provides depth to the wall.


This is easy to calculate. You need approximately 88 tiles per square metre  (1 square metre  is a square with height 1m and width of 1m). I say approximately because it depends on the width of the grout that the tiler will use. In most cases the width is 2-3mm. This applies for both the flat and bevelled metro tile. The size of each tile is (75x152mm) and size (100×300.)






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