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Neptune (Flexible)

Neptune is a flexible compacted homogeneous vinyl floor covering. It is available in rolls, with a semi non-directional polychrome design, and colour dyed as a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout the thickness. It is uniquely treated with Evercare™, a new patented surface treatment, providing an unrivalled level of maintenance and chemical resistance. Evercare™ treatment is micro-structured and  cross-coat polymerised using laser technology and acts as a barrier against stains and chemical aggression. It definitively replaces the application of wax or polish during the lifetime of the product.




Total Thickness  



3120 g/m²



Roll Length  


Use Classification  

Heavy Commercial

K Rating  


Wear Group  

P (EN 649)

Wear Resistance  

≤ 4.0mm³ (EN 660.2)

Fire Rating  

2 (SANS 10177-4)

Static Electrical Propensity  

< 2 kV (En 1815)

Dimensional Stability  

≤ 0.4% (EN 434)

Residual Indentation  

0.06mm (SANS 786:2007)

Thermal Conductivity  

0.25 W/(m.K) (EN 12 524)

Colour Fastness  

≥ 6° (EN 20 105-B02)

Chemical Resistance  

OK (EN 423)

Antibacterial and Fungicidal Treatment  


Surface Treatment
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