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How to choose exterior tiles

exterior-tilesWith the historical context of tiles from fired clay, the exterior tile should be carefully considered. Front entry lighting and colour theory pave the way for the home or establishment.


The elements to establish in terms of choosing exterior tiles:

The elements to establish in terms of choosing exterior tiles:

  • The first thing to do is contact Tiles 4 All for the ultimate supreme quality of tiles. Our installation processes are seamless and efficient.
  • Tiles need to be incredibly hard and durable over long periods of time to avoid unappealing cracks or chips. Moisture and damp conditions- it is important to choose an exterior tile that is not too porous.
  • Exterior tiles need to have resistance with regards to water resistance, dust and corrosion prevention with a smooth and modernised finish. The South African climate can be an unpredictable limitation when choosing the exterior tile. Durability that withstands the volatile and harsh elements of intense UV rays, pouring rain and sleet in times of the winter seasons.
  • Architectural designers utilise colourful hues in terms of flooring functionalities that is compatible with Tiles 4 All services and installation.
    The style and purpose of scale of exterior tiles pave the way for larger expansive areas such as a pool, terrace or a patio.

Contact Tiles 4 All for more exterior tiles solutions.

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