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DIY Tips/Hints on How to Tile


Choosing The Right Tiles:

  • It is very important choosing the right tile for your environment and decor style. We can advise and  help you choose from Kitchen to Bathroom tile ideas which will enhance the look of any room.

 Herewith A Few Points To Consider:

  • The texture and finish.(matt or shiny surface).
  • The size of the tile.
  • The grade of the tile.
  • Colour of the grouting.
  • Next you have to decide if you are going to purchase tiles for the floor, walls,  outdoor areas, patios, balconies and  garages etc.
  • You also need to know the quantity of tiles you need to purchase, keeping in mind that if you decide to tile in any pattern or diagonally, you will require between (10% -15%) of extra tiles for cutting purposes and wastage.  It is also advisable to keep an extra box or two for future usage in the event of expansion and breakage.


 Types Of Ceramic Tiles:

  • A ceramic tile is a mixture of clays that is shaped and then fired at high temperatures.
  • The tiles can be glazed or left unglazed.
  • Glazed tiles come in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes.
  • Glazed ceramic Ink-Jet is the latest in technology.


 Wall Tiles:

  • Wall tiles are the most durable and long lasting, and are ideal for wet areas or wet rooms and kitchens etc.
  • They are also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Tiles 4 All stocks a wide range of  ceramic wall tiles in various sizes starting from a size (150×150) right up to a size (1200 x 200). The size of the tile affects the appearance of the wall. The larger the tile, the bigger the wall and  the room looks.
  • Wall tiles come in many designs from a matt finish to a shiny appearance.


Tile Care And General  Maintenance:

  • Tiles 4 All offers a wide range of cleaners for different purposes. We stock the products neccessary for the sealing of all natural stone.
  • We also  stock  grout removers, tile maintenance cleaner and sealer enhancers etc.


Unglazed Tiles:

  • Unglazed tiles have different character and appeal. Unglazed tiles have natural colours and a smooth matt surface.
  • It is highly recommended to seal unglazed tiles.


Floor Tiles:

  • Tiles 4 All offers a wide range of both ceramic floor, ceramic glazed Ink-Jet tiles and porcelain floor tiles in various colours and finishes.
  • Sizes range from a size (300×300) right up to a size (800×800).


Tips & Hints:

  • Ensure consistent shading and quality in your batch purchase of glazed ceramic tiles by checking the box labeling and inspecting sample tiles across the batch before tiling commences.


Before You Start Tiling:

  • Ensure all surfaces are smooth and level.
  • Make sure all mortar and plaster has dried properly.
  • Make sure all surfaces are clean and free of dust before you lay your first tile.
  • Align your tiles and utilize the correct size tile spacers.
  • Your time spent planning will determine the outcome of the tiling job.
  • Check that all the tiles match according to the shade, code and production date.
  • Please ensure that your tiles come from the same batch, especially when re-ordering.
  • Open a few boxes and begin mixing the tiles around.
  • Wipe the powder residue from the back of the tiles with a damp cloth.
  • Select a reference tile that is the same texture and colour that you choose at Tiles 4 All.
  • Any tiles that vary too greatly from the reference tile should be put aside.
  • If you are tiling both your floor and wall tiles,  it is a good idea to start with your wall tiles to prevent damaging your floor tiles.
  • Mix only enough adhesive for approximately one square metre of tiling, as the adhesive especially on hot days and humid days dries quickly.
  • Ensure that the consistency of the tile adhesive is correct. If the mixture is to hard or to runny the tiles will not stick properly.
  • Always lay all your full tiles before you lay the cut tiles.
  • Apply only enough adhesive for about four tiles at a time,  otherwise the tile adhesive will dry before you can bed your tiles. 


Grouting & Cleaning:

  • Let the tile adhesive and grout dry for approximately 48 hours.
  • First clean out the excess adhesive between the tiles with a cleaning sponge and squeegee.
  • Mix the grout according to the instructions on the pack.
  • Press the grout evenly into the joints with your grout squeegee,  and smooth out the grout between the tiles.
  • Once the grout is dry wipe off the excess grout by using grout remover.


Getting The Best Out Of  Your Tiles:

  • At Tiles 4 All it is important to us that your investment in purchasing tiles from us has lasting enjoyment.
  • Our experienced sales staff will gladly assist you with the various cleaning and sealing product options available. 


Tips & Hints :

  • Don’t apply an exterior sealant in direct sunlight or onto hot tiles,  as the sealant will dry to quickly and will not have enough time to penetrate and settle properly.  An early evening time, or in a shaded or cover area would be best. 


Your Shopping List Requirements For Tiling:

  • Select your product. 
  •  Wall and floor tiles . The quantity of the M2 will be required.
  •  Decor.
  •  Adhesives.
  •  Grouts.
  •  Tile spacers for  floor and wall.
  •  Edge trims.
  •  Tile cuttesr.
  •  Tape measures.
  •  Grout applicators.
  •  Notched floor and wall trowels.
  •  Rubber mallets.
  •  Tile nippers.
  •  Cleaning sponges.
  •  Grout squeegees.
  •  Tile cutter/breakers.
  •  Scorers.
  •  Spirit levels.
  •  Chalk Lines.

For more information on bathroom tile ideas or just how to tile in general, Contact Us.

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